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Tatjana Chahine
Brown Belt

Tatjana started her martial arts journey in 2009, doing Muay Thai & Krav Maga. Her brother introduced her to BJJ in 2012 and she was an addict ever since. She started her journey in Los Angeles as apart of a small family style Gracie Gym. She moved to the Bahamas in 2016, and the only thing missing in her life was BJJ. She continued her journey when Fight Sports Bahamas opened in 2017. Jiu-Jitsu is a huge part of her life, she loves to train, teach, and compete.



Gracie Worlds Submission Only  2015- Gold- Blue Belt

NAGA San Diego 2015- Gold- White Belt

Gracie Nationals Submission Only 2014- Silver- White Belt

NABJJF 2013- Gold- White Belt

Naga San Diego 2013-Gold -White Belt

Rich Evatt
Purple Belt

Rich started training martial arts in 2009 and after two years of Judo he was introduced to BJJ by a friend. After an initial trial class he was hooked on jiujitsu and became part of the Inglorious Grapplers London team. Rich began training with Fight Sports Bahamas after moving to Nassau in 2017 and is now part of our core coaching staff.



English Open 2015 - Silver - White Belt - Medium Heavy 

British Open 2016 - Gold - Middle - Blue Belt - Masters 1 

Shanghai 2016 International Open - Gold - Middle - Blue Belt - Masters 2 

IBJJF British Nationals 2017 - Gold - Middle - Blue Belt - Masters 2

Jerem Rondina
Purple Belt

Jerem started martial arts at an early age with Tae Kwon Do. He dabbled in a few different disciplines including Muay Thai & Capoeira.  In 2008 he found Jiu Jitsu and quickly fell in love with the sport. Through the affiliation of his former academy, Jerem had the opportunity to train and learn directly from Xande and Saulo Ribeiro, and Rafael Lovato Jr. Jerem received his blue belt in 2010 from Jorge Brito, founder and head coach of Jiu Jitsu for Life team in Toronto, Canada. After a long hiatus, Jerem continued his BJJ journey in the Bahamas and joined the Fight Sports Family where he received his purple belt.

Jerem has competed at a couple of local tournaments in Toronto where he learned some hard lessons. He bounced back by placing 1st  at the Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu Association Invitational in 2010 as a white belt.

David Morley
Purple Belt

David is a fitness enthusiast, and personal trainer. He is the head coach of the kids program & loves to teach jiu jitsu. He started his martial arts journey in the Bahamas in 2014, he always found it interesting but didn't fall in love with the sport until he started Jiu Jitsu at Fight Sports in 2018. As a leader in the fitness industry, he found that jiu jitsu was complimentary to his weight lifting, endurance training and mobility. He now loves to compete, teach and finds the mental challenges of Jiu Jitsu incomparable to anything else he's ever done.



David placed 1st in our in house open division competition as a white belt in 2019.

Janvier Chalopin
Blue Belt

Janviers BJJ journey started with the desire to find success in life. He had taken on many sports, careers, and hobbies, but he never managed to experience what it is to be a master in any of these things. 

In BJJ Janvier found that its not just the most effective martial art in the world, but that the '6 blades of Jiu-Jitsu' - Family, Respect, Loyalty, Discipline, Attitude, Honor - that you become immersed in are actually the values that teach you to become a master at anything you apply these values to in life. In BJJ was the first time Janvier saw that there was a path to mastery, even clearly painted in a progression of belts, which is how growth is represented as time is put into the art. As you make your way to black belt by following the values taught in jiu-jitsu, you teach yourself the way to be a black belt in life.  Janvier hopes to have as many people join the journey as well, one that will hopefully make black belts of all of us, and in so teach us how to make any of our dreams a reality.

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